Yoga/ Mindfulness


The meaning of yoga is to yoke or unite- the body and the mind. When we coordinate movement with the breath, paying attention to the sensations in the body as we move, completely feeling the experience in that moment without any judgment or expectations, respecting our boundaries with self-compassion and kindness, yoga becomes a mindful exercise in itself and it becomes a meditative practice. When the mind does wander, we can always use the breath as the anchor.

Yoga is an important part of the training that starts within and travels outward to support core strength, flexibility, balance, and overall body awareness. 




The mini movement class is geared towards students 3 years old and younger.  This class starts students at a very young age in order to help them understand the ways that their bodies can move.  It encourages the support and participation of a parent or guardian for the purpose of helping to guide the students in this exploration.  The session is 45 minutes and acts as the first building block to dance and movement.  It has proven to be a highly effective method to strengthen young students physically and also to maintain the flexibility that children at this age innately possess.

Creative COMBO


The Primary Ballet/ Tap class is specifically designed for students 5-7 years old.  At this age, students have a better grasp and understanding of their body movements.  This class focuses on showing students that dancing is about being part of a group.  It makes students aware of the social aspects of the arts. This session is 60 minutes, and starts to introduce and apply choreography, dance terms, and lets students explore different dance styles/shoes. Participants will also begin to work on proper technique, flexibility, and rhythm, and will participate in our annual production.



Dance Team:
The DALE Dancers are what our dance students aspire to be. This is our highly skilled and competitive dance team.  The group is comprised of students selected by the director and dance instructors. They will be prepped and ready to represent Project DALE in local, regional, and national dance competitions.  Auditions for this team will be held every February.


60 minutes

Keeping our roots and cultures alive this course will train classic flamenco and other hispanic folklorlic dances. 



60 minutes

The Latin classes are geared towards students that want to focus on partner dancing
and Ballroom. This class is for ages 8-15 on multiple levels. After learning the basic steps and techniques of the ballroom dances, (Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Cha-Cha- Cha, and Samba.) students will apply their techniques to more intricate combination steps and turns with their partner. 

Hip-Hop- TAP

60 minutes

The Hip-Hop classes are open to students ages 8-15 on multiple levels.  This class
explores movements that complement the gracefulness of the classical dances. It will be
fused core training, and street tap techniques. Students in this course will be exposed to a more intense physical training than in any other class.  The class is 60 minutes, and will focus on conditioning, strengthening our bodies, and choreographing movements that involve harsh and strong movements such as lifts, handstands, and break-dancing.

Lyrical-Contemporary- Modern

60 minutes

The LCM class is targeted towards students   8-13 years old. Once students have a good grasp of technique and choreography, we start applying more complex concepts and
intricate choreography.  This class will continue to establish technique and flexibility on a different level.  Students in this class will come to truly understand what it means
to be a performer, and how to tell a story via dance and movement.   

TAG (Training- Acro- Gynmastics)

60 minutes

REQUIRED COURSE: TAG will teach aerobics such as handstands, backbends, cartwheels, splits, and more.   This gymnastics-inspired curriculum will be infused with storytelling. 

Musical Theatre

60 minutes

Story-telling through dance this course will perfectly meet our original scripts with music, dance, art, and theatre.  This forms an essential part of our curriculum as it supports dancers to work on drawing emotion and perfecting facial expression accordingly.