The Journey we're on.

Project DALE's mission is to create and nurture a space and community where our youth can grow, discover, and learn through the power of the Arts. Project DALE aims to motivate through Music, Dance, Theatre, Fine Arts, and Writing in order to plant the seeds of success, which will ultimately enable our younger generations to blossom into creative thinkers and problem solvers. With the help of Project DALE, students will be able to live fearlessly, contribute positively to the community and react swiftly to the ever-changing world that we live in today.


What you can expect from being part of the DALE FAmily:

  • Community and Network
  • Professional Training 
  • Qualified instructors with proven success in their field
  • Complete original productions
  • Untraditional approach to education
  • Friends that last a lifetime 
  • Mindfulness practice
  • Customized education 
  • Family workshops and resources 
  • Support system 
  • Life skills
  • Priceless memories