A place to make things happen


Growing up in a Cuban household "DALE" was a word we certainly overused, as was the case for many hispanic families. Dale, which translates to "go ahead" in English, was used as a motivator in family.  Slang for "get up an get things done" it carried humor, sass, and motivation.  The has become a strong part of my vocabulary and still resonates with me and my community. I am honored to be able to create a space where minority communities can have an opportunity to find the source of their "DALE". It is a place that gives our youth permission to dream and to more importantly go ahead and chase them.  Whats special about Dale is that is authorizes action while providing the necessary support for those moments when the road to self discovery and success, isn't so pleasant.


As an immigrant, hispanic, female, I know very much what its like to be a minority. Growing up in two worlds and cultures simultaneously was confusing and difficult. It was through family support, community , and the arts that I was able to appreciate the value of owning who I am and how to bringing that power forth. This was a long journey that is is far from over, however my mission with Project DALE is to allow other minority youth to have that same powerful, life-changing experience. Project DALE exists to ensure that the Arts remains a diverse platform, and furthermore is used as a medium for self- discovery and a major key in finding oneself, and life purpose. 

                 President Maday Martinez                                   Pa'lante y Dale!